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From:"Horn, Hazel" <>
To:'Sheila Poellein' <>, 'histonet' <>

Yes, we have the Shandon embedding center with the heated forceps.........I
personally do not like them but, my 2 coworkers, there you

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> From:	Sheila Poellein []
> Sent:	Friday, March 31, 2000 11:00 AM
> To:	'histonet'
> Subject:	heated forceps
> Has anyone tried the heated forceps on the Shandon embedding center??  How
> do they work??  Also has anyone just bought the heated forceps and tried
> to
> rig them up to work.  I don't need a new embedding center but if these
> heated forceps really worked and there was a way to make them work without
> buying their embedding center it would be nice.  Any thoughts??   thanks,
> Sheila

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