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no guts... lots of pain later...

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I agree and many more things we thought would never happen or we would never
need to worry about have come to pass.  Pam Marcum

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Some may not like to hear this, but I can't help but say -- I recall when
tech's (new and old) refused to wear gloves when working with xylene - even
when coverslipping.  In the labs I've been associated with over the past
12-15 years - gloves are expected, and glad to see, accepted as the norm.
Never say Never.


>>> MICHELLE LOWE <> - 3/24/2000 10:02 AM >>>
I an a new Histologist (1 year) and I'm with you.  I
learned on the manual rotary microtome and won't touch
the automatated machines, (no control), unless I have

Michelle Lowe :)

--- amos brooks <> wrote:
> Hi,
>     We have about 30 microtomes. None are automated.
> I may be old
> fashioned but the things creep me out.
> Amos Brooks

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