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Dear Richard-

I'm afraid I jumped in at the end of a discussion without being aware of the
full context.  When I signed off last fall, several vendors had taken quite
a pasting by frustrated people who had not sought their vendors for
satisfaction first.

In your case, you actually demonstrated the need for the HistoNet.  Perhaps
someone higher up in the company was not aware of the problem because there
was lack of communication from service people, or somehow the information
necessary to find a problem was being filtered out.  Without knowing of a
problem, how can one find a solution?

All vendors want their products to work at least as well as they are
supposed to.  They have a vested interest in providing the finest quality.
But there are times when they may need a wake-up call to get their
attention.  The HistoNet provides a valuable tool to  get a large amount of
information from multiple sources, and can provide a vendor with information
they may not be getting from their usual sources.  If this last is the case,
I'm sure a vendor would be taking a VERY close look at their information
pipeline, making the best use of a learning experience so they don't face
similar problems in the future.

Good luck!


Joseph A. Saby, BA, HT(ASCP)
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Subject: Re: TP 1050

In response to Hedleys comments.

I posted to Histonet regarding our TP1050 problems as a last resort, having
had an unsatisfactory response from the vendor, who suggested that user
error was to blame.

I had been informed quite categorically  by Leica that our problem was a
one-off. Replies via Histonet showed that this statement was untrue.
Specific examples were quoted to me. Like my own story, these were not
hearsay , <sp>, nor was my particular experience embellished in any way. 

Our Leica is presently working perfectly, and has always produced well
processed blocks, apart from the times when there was a problem. We have a
considerable investment in Leica microscopes, microtomes etc, and continue
to purchase these items.

Best wishes,

Richard Pitman FIBMS,
Head MLSO,
Dept of Histology, Cytology & Immunology,
Worcester Royal Infirmary NHS Trust

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