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I think you said it so well...I agree totally with  just is  smart
to keep your trained  
people everyone else has good health also..its important that
people know how to handle your biopsy  we have a shortage now, lets keep our
older techs in there.We don`t wanth too throw out the tech with the
waterbath water! 

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Subject: RE: Microtome - Motorized - Ergonomics

Thanks for putting it in perspective as to what happens to a Histologist
with the most severe problem.  I have seen more than one person leave the
field and the pathologist or PI didn't care as long as they got someone else
to do the work.  Many of the top people in the labs still haven't figured
out the real costs you discussed.  Pam Marcum

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John, it is true that once a person passes the point of no return, any task
can be compromised because of repetitive motion disorders.  And yes it is
true, one can consider switching occupations.  What can one do without the
use of the hands?  I think the trick is to inservice histologists and other
technical persons who do alot of repetitive motion tasks about proper
ergonomic postures.  An electronic microtome is expensive, twice as much as
manual one;  but on the other hand workmans' comp, medical expenses and
replacing a histologist who is highly specialized adds up to much more,
wise.  The correct posture and switching to another task (uses different
movements and muscles) will give the employee a break so the muscles can
recuperate.  To just use a person and throw them out is not acceptable as
as I am concerned.  But then, again, that is why I am a peon and not in
management.  I would not be a good bean counter at the sacrifice of people.
These unnecessary repetitive motion disorders cause employees to suffer on
the job and their personal lives are impacted.  I don,t think it is too much
to ask for correct work bench height, a chair that is comfortable and not 25
years old and some inservice.
Pearl Gervais

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