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Our Links are presented in "chapters", one of these is "Light & Fluorescence 
Microscopy, Histology". That is a fairly good selection of laboratory links. 
Generally if you prune the URL from the right you'll reach the hosting hospital 
or medical school.
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On Thursday, April 13, 2000 12:53 PM, Cameron Lloyd [] 
> Hello to all Histonetters,
> I'm looking for URL's to hospital or private laboratory web pages.  I will
> use them in a presentation to a committee that will eventually design the
> web page for the University of Alberta Hospital, Capital Health Region in
> Edmonton Alberta.  If you know of your favorite link or a really good site
> that is applicable to Laboratory Medicine then I would appreciate anything
> that you could send my way.  We are looking for ideas on what to include in
> our web page.  If you have some really great ideas that you have seen or
> tried, then please forward them to me either through the histonet or my work
> e-mail
> As far as copywrite goes I will only be using pages that include the name of
> the institution in a display format, I will not be utilizing the code.(Basic
> browser display not through an editor).  I thank - you in advance for the
> URL's that you may send.
> Cameron Lloyd, MLT
> Edmonton Alberta, Canada
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