RE: Famous victory - Braveheart II

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From:Barry Rittman <>
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Russ et al.
I can't say rugby is my favorite game although I did enjoy it at school.
Arrogance from any country or individual is not a desirable or welcome
trait (and hopefully those individuals will not reproduce!!). 
Graciouness in victory is applauded by all.

At 09:22 AM 04/03/2000 +0100, you wrote:
>Dear Russ...
>Even as an english Wales fan, i celebrate each defeat that befall
>england...(oh dear.....maybe i shouldnt say that...8-)
>All i can say about the game yesterday was fantastic...and well done
>Scotland. They deserved it so much.....
>emma carter
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>> Subject:	Famous victory - Braveheart II
>> I want the world to know that a magnificent Scottish rugby team 
>> has just beaten a magnificent English rugby team.
>> The good part is Scotland had not won a game all season and the 
>> English had won all thiers - and expected to win this one also.  
>> Even the Scots did not really think they would.
>> Wow!  Good on you Scotland
>> Memorable and the greatest boost to all the Celtic countries.
>> Russ
>> ps, this is not racist, the English will understand!
>> Russ Allison, 
>> Dental School
>> Cardiff
>> Wales

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