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I agree with you to great extend however, I had many friends when I was
still in the lab full time with problems.  We didn't discuss them with the
pathologist or PI as we would get no where and many thought it was a problem
that would go away. This was still using the old black AO and the benches
were low.  These factors helped, the problem just wasn't considered the
issue it is now.  Unfortunately we lost some good histotechnologist.
Pam Marcum

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Why do you suppose that those of us who spent many hours, days, and years
cutting on the old black AO microtomes did not, and do not, seem to have the
carpal tunnel syndrome that is so prevalent now?  Do some of you other "old
timers" also agree with this.  I know that that sat much lower and were more
comfortable to use than some of the newer microtomes, which require that you
elevate your arms more.  That may be some food for thought in this for some
of the current designers.

Freida Carson

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