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I cut for several years on the old black AO microtomes.  I suddenly
developed a very severe case of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and had to have
surgery on both wrists. The doctor that did my surgery was surprised at the
rapid onset and severity of my symptoms. He said that some people get carpal
tunnel, some don't. I lost 50% of my grip strength and received a workman's
comp. settlement.  Even with that, I am still glad that I had the surgery.
At least the pain is gone.

I now cut on an automated Micron microtome and love it.  I will occasionally
get a tinge of pain if cut, coverslip or embed for several days in a row.
As long as I rotate my tasks I stay pain free.

I would never have any of my employees cut on any thing other than an
automated microtome.

Rose Bellantoni
Integra LifeSciences, CRC

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Why do you suppose that those of us who spent many hours, days, and years 
cutting on the old black AO microtomes did not, and do not, seem to have the

carpal tunnel syndrome that is so prevalent now?  Do some of you other "old 
timers" also agree with this.  I know that that sat much lower and were more

comfortable to use than some of the newer microtomes, which require that you

elevate your arms more.  That may be some food for thought in this for some 
of the current designers.

Freida Carson

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