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The sensory neurons in the dorsal root ganglia are ~100 um ("um"=micrometer)
in diameter; the granule cells of the hippocampus are ~4 um across; that is
the range for nerve cell bodies.  Most smooth muscle cells are 8 um wide by
50 um long; the largest are 10 um wide by 500 um long.  The smallest
skeletal muscle cells are 10 um wide by 5,000 um long; the largest are 100
um wide by 50,000 um long.  The clear cells of eccrine sweat glands are ~12
um wide by 16 um tall. (Since they were my first research subjects, I think
of them as "average" cells.)  Hepatocytes are ~ 40 X 40 X 40 um.  READ um AS
MICROMETER! My stupid e-mail program won't write Greek.
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I am in need of info or a source of information on cell sizes for a talk I
am developing for a fall conference.  Anyone out there have a source for
this?  Specifically fat cells, epidermal, cartilage, muscle.  I am looking
for specific sizes-diameter, etc.  Any reference materials and how to
access them would be very much appreciated.  In return I bake-I make a
wicked pan of brownies-just forward your mailing address-don't think I can
send desserts over the e-mail!  I am not kidding.  Thanks in advance. PS
First come first served!

Albany, NY

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