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88170 is the CPT code for the actual aspiration of superficial tissue ( no
radiological guidance).  If the biopsy requires radiologic guidance the
correct code is 88171.  88172 is the code for the evaluation of the smears
for adequacy.  This is not for the preparation of the smears, only for the
immediate determination of adequacy. 88173 is the code for the
interpretation and report (final micro and path report).  The Pathologist
may bill for the 88170 if he/she actually performs the biopsy (we do have a
pathologist who performs FNAs on outpatients.  If the surgeon/physician
performs the procedure the pathologist may not bill for this. 88171 would be
billed by radiologist if a deep FNA was performed.  The technical component
may be billed on these.  88172 and 88173 are billed by the pathololgist for
the professional component and by the lab for the technical componet (unless
global billing is done).

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> At our hospital we issue a technical bill (hospital charge) and
> professional 
> bill (pathologists separate billing charge) for each surgical and cytology
> procedure.   What CPT code do you use to bill a hospital charge for FNA 
> performed without radiological guidance, and which CPT code do you use to 
> bill a hospital charge for FNA performed with radiological guidance?
> There 
> are three choices (88170, 88172, and 88173) in the 2000 CPT codebook, 
> therefore, it is confusing.  Also, do you issue an additional hospital
> charge 
> for "FNA adequacy" when clinician wants slides reviewed for adequacy
> before 
> proceeding with the FNA procedure?
> For the above procedures, which CPT codes do you use for the pathologists 
> professional billing charges?  Thank you in advance for your input.

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