Pathology Office Rules

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From:John Spair <>,


I have a large pathology office of 4 transcriptionists and several clerks.
We too consider the office area a "clean" area, and the issue of
requisitions has come up as well.  Our requisitions, like yours, come in the
plastic bags seperate from specimen jars.  When the PA is doing gross
dictation, I have a clip area above where he clips the requisition so as to
protect it from spills.  If any requisition comes soiled I have my lab
assistants put that requisition in a plastic bag and it will stay there
forever.  Our medical director does not feel the office staff has any risk
handling these requisitions.  I also do not encourage eating at their
workstations, I can deal with having a coffee cup - but we have a small
kitchen area off of the office where they can eat after they clean their

The same rules goes for the cytotech area, it is considered a "clean " area
as well.

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