Leica coverslipper

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Our hospital just purchased a Leica coverslipper.  We are presently using the 
small green staining dishes for staining Cytology slides and we are in need 
of  15 staining dishes to use for the Cytology setup so we won't have to 
transfer the slides from one rack to another and our Cytology staining setup 
would be compatible with the  Leica coverslipper.   Each Leica staining dish 
costs $75.00; that's way too much for our budget since we need 15 containers. 
  Does anyone have any used staining dishes of this size hanging around, I 
know the old Fisher Scientific staining machines use similar staining dishes 
as Leica autostainer.  Or does anyone have any other good ideas?  The techs 
are sick of transferring slides from the smaller cytology racks to the Leica 
autostainer racks.  Thanks.

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