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I was a histotech in my first life.  Now I am a medical recruiter based in 
Nashville, TN.  I have an opening with a capital equipment company selling to 
the pathology lab.  I am looking for a histotechnologist with:
*  5 years lab experience 
*  Special Stain and IHC experience - very important!!
*  Excellent customer service skills
*  Must be a able to work effectively as a team member
*  Also, able to work independently / good time management skills
*  Must be able to travel (extensive travel)
*  Must be comfortable with automation and computers
*  Degree preferred, but will consider experience in lieu of

For more information, please e-mail your resume as a word doc attachment - 
only one attachment at a time because AOL converts more than one to a MIME 
format - to  If you prefer, you can fax it to (615) 
373-0988.  Attention:  Hope - Histology TSR.

Hope Boyce
Sales Search International
Phone:  (615) 373-1111 x104
FAX:  (615) 373-0988
Home Phone:  (615) 673-0033

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