Innovation in internet use

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From:Todd Walker <>
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Hi Everyone,

Apologies for cross posting this request to a few listservs.

I am putting the finishing touches to a talk I am to give at a National
conference on Internet Resources.

My reason for contacting you is to ask: Are you aware of any examples of
Innovations in Internet Use for Histology, Cytology and /or Pathology.

The kinds of thing I am interested in is:

Online Pathology Requesting (local or remote)
Internet Reporting of Results
Educational Resources
Online Diagnosis (??)
Internet Video Conferencing

If any one has seen or runs examples of the above, or knows of some uses
just as innovative please contact me either on the listserv or privately.

Thanks in advance

Todd Walker

Lecturer in Cytology / Histology
School of Biomedical Sciences
Charles Sturt University
Wagga Wagga NSW 2650

Tel: 02-69332541
Fax: 02-69332587


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