Health problems

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I'm wondering if anyone's experienced similiar problems and how you've dealt 
with them.  I've been a histotech for 27 yrs., 3 labs.  I've just been 
diagnosed by a pulmonologist with inflammatory bronchitis; the treatment 
includes steroids (either inhaled or oral) and bronchdilators (inhaled) to 
walk through the door at work as that's the source of the inflamation.  There 
are several combinations all of which have to be tried and none are 
guaranteed to work  If I don't go in the lab, no meds needed.  I need a 
source of income and am considering pursuing Worker's Comp. for retraining. 
When asked what he would do the pulmonologist said he would avoid the source 
if at all possible. Has anyone been down this road? either with meds or a WC 
Any suggestions or comments? This is a BIG decision and I'm feeling very 
alone in limboland.
Thanks in advance.

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