CryoJane & Gentle Jane

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Hi Histonetters,

All the  "Janes" are confusing!  Clarification!

The Gentle Jane (Stand Alone Gentle Jane) is a snap freezing system. A
weighty heat extractor is chilled (preferable in liquid nitrogen) and then
it is hung on the device. It drops at a controlled rate and gently contacts
the tissue and CryoGel or other embedding medium. The block is frozen in
8-10 seconds. The temperature of the heat extractor,-196deg. C, and the
thermal exchange derived from its highly polished chrome finish, produces
"amorphous" ice rather than "crystalline" ice. minimizing ice crystal
artifact. The morphology of the tissue is preserved!

The CryoJane Tape-Transfer  system is installed in the cryostat. The section
is cut onto a cold tape and transferred to a cold slide inside the cryostat.
The section stays frozen until the section is fixed, freeze-substituted or
air-dried. This process produces paraffin-quality frozens that are thin,
flat and intact. Yes, and you cut fat, bone etc.with little sweat!


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