Agents are intelligent agents capable of searching for individualized information by keyword(s). The search engine searches for new and changed pages. When it finds a new page with any or all of the keywords you specify, it will notify you by email based on your requested schedule. The Histonet archives are searched once monthly, adding the previous month's posting.

An Agent button is placed at the bottom of every search result page. Pressing the button will produce an Agents page. The following can then be customized:

Schedule - from the pop-up list, select the time when the search engine should execute this agent.
Day - select the days on which to execute this agent.
e-mail address - enter the e-mail address to send the results.
Subject line - enter the subject line for the email message. Use this to distinguish multiple agents for the same user.
List sessions - this check box should be used to suppress the session list at the top of the email message. Otherwise, your messages will begin with a listing of the sites that the search engine searches and indexes.

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